About Me

Ann, Front Page HillHi, my name’s Ann Collins and this is my site – Front Page Hill. My goal with this site is to bring you all things newsworthy so you can be in the know about what’s happening around the world and where you live.

I’ve been slowly learning about how to make my own websites as it’s something I really feel will be an essential skill in the near future for every small business owner and hobbyist.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and work as an education assistant at my local high school by day. I help kids who have autism get more out of school and help them overcome any problems they might be having with their homework, or life in general. I really enjoy working with the kids and seeing them get more comfortable with their surroundings and learn new skills to help them in life. The start of the school year can be the toughest because there are lots of new things they are experiencing, but it’s a rewarding challenge to work with them throughout the school year and see them really warm up and work on themselves every day!

As much as I enjoy working in the school system, I’ve also been really motivated to learn more about web development and start creating my own autopilot income streams. That’s why I created this site to learn more about creating and managing my own websites.

On the weekends when I’m not working, I enjoy organizing hikes with other local hikers and hitting the backcountry trails. I recently did a 5-night overnighter which was one of my big goals this year. What an amazing experience it was for myself and everyone who came! I really recommend just getting out in the backcountry whenever you can and just disconnecting. With being at a desk all day long, you still need to balance it out with exercise and nature.
I feel like I’ve struck a perfect balance between self development, work, and still getting out and enjoying the mountains and meeting new friends.

Saturdays are usually filled with some advanced level hikes and a celebratory beer at the pub with friends after. Sundays are my rest days and by that evening it’s time to get ready for work and conquer the next week with helping my students, working on myself, and planning the next hike, while keeping up with what’s going on in the world of course!

I hope you enjoy my site and are a little more informed after reading some of my curated news articles.

Thanks for stopping by!